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Is it the goosebumps you get from hearing a freakishly good song? Is it the excitement you feel when getting a new genious idea? Is it the warmth of someone’s arm around you when walking the streets of Örebro? Is it the joy of finding a new business opportunity.

Or is it that feeling of anticipation when they finally turn down the lights in the cinema.


To us, it’s all of those things – and much, much more.


Live at Heart is one of Scandinavia’s biggest showcase festivals and industry conferences. We are showcasing the stars of tomorrow and bringing creative professionals together to inspire, learn and create. During Live at Heart, hundreds of artists, filmmakers, industry delegates and thousands of Live at Heart fans come together in the heart of Örebro. They come from different backgrounds, cultures and industries. But they do have one thing in common.


They are all here to discover sensation.

Press news

First artists of the 10 year anniversary of Live at Heart revealed

Live at Heart takes place 4-7 September in Örebro this year and celebrates its 10th anniversary. The festival starts off the year by releasing an early lineup of artists. We will be presenting a slightly different festival program in honor of the anniversary. In addition to various international acts, we will be inviting back festival favorites from previous years. It will kind of be the “Greatest Hits” of Live at Heart, says Magnus Tunmats, festival coordinator at Live at Heart. In the first part of this year’s lineup, you can already find some Live at Heart veterans who will return to Örebro to celebrate the anniversary together with the festival and its guests. Billy Momo (Sweden) have held very appreciated concerts each year they have performed at Live at Heart and are now back with their groovy mix of blues, country and folk. Wolf & Moon (Germany) is the audience favorite Stefanie June’s latest project that goes under the genre of dream-folk pop. Bara Jonson and Free (Sweden) started playing on the festival’s smaller scenes three years ago and have since moved on to become one of the bigger acts last year. Through Live at Heart they have established contacts that led to them touring in Germany and performing at Live at Heart Newfoundland in Canada. Eleonor Léone (Sweden) was chosen to perform at Live at Heart Newfoundland where she was discovered and got several performances in Asia, including in India. She has also been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine. LYS (France) was discovered by Steve Hewitt, songwriter and drummer in the band Placebo, who also produces their records. LYS is a band to keep your eyes on for all Placebo fans. Simon Alexander (Sweden) and Agata Karczewska (Poland) are two singer-songwriters that were widely talked about during last year’s festival. Erika Jonsson (Sweden) got her breakthrough in 2014 with her song “Sången om Värmland” that stepped directly into the Swedish, and the Norwegian, folk soul and has since sold gold. Her Swedish country is now coming to Örebro. One Horse Band (Italy) is a band and a horse. Bluesy garage rock you don’t want to miss. Diamond Thug (South Africa) travels a long way to give Örebro a taste of their experimental pop. Hannah Scott (UK) is an acoustic pop act from Great Britain. Zanzinger (Hungary) is a singer-songwriter from Hungary with a fondness for American folk music. Complete list of revealed artists: Agata Karczewska Billy Momo Bara Jonson and Free Diamond Thug Eleonor Léone Erika Jonsson Hannah Scott LYS Meadows One Horse Band Simon Alexander Wolf & Moon Zanzinger

2019-03-19 06:51

16 new acts ready for Live at Hearts 10th anniversary

Today, the Live at Heart festival releases another 16 acts for this year’s festival, which takes place between September 4-7 in Örebro. Some artists to watch are, for example, Ruth Koleva, from Bulgaria, who has previously been recognized by star producer Mark Ronson (Amy Whinehouse, Lady Gaga) and the band Lake Malawi who participates in the sub-finals of the Czech Republic’s Eurovision round. For those who are interested in music and odd instruments, there is the band Lusitanian Ghost, a project in which most highly recognized musicians are included. The group plays traditional string instruments from Portugal that are almost forgotten; amarantina, beiroa, braguesa, campaniça, terceirense, toeira and the somewhat unpopular Swedish nyckelharpan. For Live at Hearts 10th anniversary, the festival continues to book old favorites and veterans. Today’s release includes, among others, Anna Fogel, Lobo Interestelar, Dan Millson and Adée. Adée has, after her recent performance at Live at Heart, worked with star performers who have been behind JayZ, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys and Snoop Dogg. Back from last year we also have Velvet Starling, which consists of the talented 15-year-old who is currently selling out his shows in Los Angeles. The American band The Mommyheads are also back for a Swedish tour in September where they will perform at Live at Heart. Complete artist release: Adée (SWE) Amaunet (SWE) Anna Fogel (SWE) Dan Millson (SPA) Ducks! (GER) Jazzybit (RO) Lake Malawi (CZ) Lobo Interestelar (SWE) Lovis (SWE) Lusitanian Ghosts (PT / SWE) Ruth Koleva (BU) Sivan Talmor (ISR) The Mommyheads (USA) Velvet Starling (USA) Wohl (MX) Zoee (UK)

2019-03-19 07:21

Live at Heart releases new international acts for this year's festival

Live at the Heart Festival begins the week of releasing artists from twelve different countries to this year's edition of the festival. “It feels incredibly fun that there is such a strong international interest in Live at Heart. We have applications from all over the world and my hope is that this year's 10th anniversary will be more international than ever before,”says Magnus Tunmats, COO for Live at Heart. Among the festival's new bookings are recognized Tribal Royal from Canada. The band played at Live at Heart for the first time last year and were then booked to Live at Heart Newfoundland and to the world's largest festival Summerfest in Milwaukee. After that, their careers has taken off and the band is up to date with gigs at Westway Lab in Portugal and Midem in France before Örebro gets them back to Live at Hearts 10th anniversary. Complete release: Skaar, Norway Enok Amrani, Norway Kira Mac, Great Britain The Recks, Guernsey Nik/Novakovic, Germany The Razzzones, Germany Lane Of Lion, Germany Prinz Grizzley, Austria Mary PopKids, Hungary Myra Monoka, Hungary Saverne, Hungary Martin Harich, Slovakia Roni Dot, Israel Old Fashioned Lover Boy, Italy Ilaria Graziano & Francesco Forni, Italy Tribe Royal, Canada My Son the Hurricane, Canada This Frontier Needs Heroes, USA NUSSY, Australia Ha the Unclear, New Zealand

2019-04-09 08:11

Live at Heart wishes happy Easter and highlights women in today's artist release

Live at Heart Festival in Örebro celebrates Easter with the release of ten new bookings for its 10th anniversary. Common to today's artist release is that all acts are fronted by women. An act that stands out is the Swedish Pajala band The Magnettes. The band is up to date with tours in Europe, Asia and the United States, they have been signed by an American record label and opened for bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ke$ha. The Magnettes made their Live at Heart debut as early as 2014 and will now return to Örebro to perform at the festival's 10th anniversary this summer. “The last time we played Live at Heart was 2017 and that weekend was one of the best on the whole year for us. We like Live at Heart and have experienced tremendous support from the people of Örebro. This year we will offer them new songs and very much energy, " promises The Magnettes all festival visitors. The Magnettes consists of Rebecka Digervall (vocals), Sanna Kalla (vocals) and Tomas Bäcklund Thuneström (guitar, drums, keyboard). Press image: Rickard Åstedt Complete artist release: The Magnettes (Sweden) June Cocó (Germany) Cosmorose (Denmark) Fenna Frei (Argentina) Magda Andersson (Sweden) Silver (Sweden) Karimah (Canada) Justine Her (Sweden) Clara Alm (Sweden) Elin Namnieks (Sweden)

2019-04-17 19:07

Live at Heart releases fifteen Swedish acts to this year's festival

Live at Heart welcomes May and the approaching summer with the release of fifteen Swedish artists to this year's 10th anniversary. "We often talk about Live at Hearts international impact but of course our Swedish artists are at least as much of the festival. Therefore, it feels extra fun that we lift them today and that there are a lot of local Örebro musicians among the names” says Magnus Tunmats, festival coordinator at Live at Heart. Today's artists include Trofast, a Swedish hip-hop star who has achieved great success both in Sweden and in Norway. Oscar Soul Experience, which in the past has been something of a talk of the town under Live at Heart. This year they are also booked to Livepool Sound City and are current with a US tour and an album recording. Haywireband are real Live at Heart veterans who won two titles at Country-SM in Sweden. Those without is the Örebro band who went to the sister festival Live at Heart Newfoundland. Another Örebro band, who debuts on Live at Heart this year is the local act The Kollektive. Other Örebro bands are Tom Valheart and The Echo Detour, Vincent Jedselius, Novel Fae, Rivertown Blues and Joe Fiddle. All acts in this release: WoodsFolk Tiny Fighter Tom Valhjärta And The Echo Detour Victor Furbacken Joe Fiddle Oscar Soul Experience Haywireband Vincent Jedselius Those Without Rivertown Blues LULA The Kollektive Trofast Sunny Days Novel·Fae

2019-05-02 09:33

Beardmen Agency Group presents its own scene on Live at Heart

Beardmen starts a collaboration with Live at Heart and presents a scene with six artists during the festival's 10th anniversary. Since the beginning of 2014, Beardmen has arranged more than 250 concerts, five clubs and three festivals with over 350 different artists and both parties are looking forward to the cooperation. “We are very happy that the Beardmen Agency Group has been invited to be part of Live at Heart. In addition to getting the chance to discover new artists and create new contacts, we will present selected parts of our artist roster on a separate stage during the festival” says Emma Andersson, Creative Director at Beardmen. "That companies of this type come to Live at Heart is great fun and a confirmation that we are growing as a showcase festival. Beardmen has a good set of musicians in their line-up and I am sure they will present a great scene in September”says Magnus Tunmats, festival coordinator for Live at Heart. Acts on Beardmen-stage: Jangle Town Otheas Ravendal Simon Swahnström The Riven Åskväder

2019-05-09 06:55

Kolla in filmen från förra årets Creative-dag

Är du nyfiken på vad Live at Heart Creative är? Titta på filmen från förra årets event och bli inspirerad!

2019-05-14 09:04

Lolita Pop Reunites at Live at Heart in Örebro

This year marks the 40th anniversery of the first ever gig performed by the rock band Lolita Pop. It all took place on 26th of May 1979 at the then legendary club Rockmagasinet in Örebro. That became the start of a long career consisting of years and years of touring and succesful album releases. With songs like ”Långa tåg av längtan”, ”Hey winner” and ”Tarzan on a big red scooter” being some of their biggest hits. After the release of their album ”Blumenkraft” in 1991 Lolita Pop split up - but now they are reuniting for the 10th anniversary of Live at Heart. - ”Live at Heart has asked us to reunite for all these years. Now 40 years have passed and the stars have finally aligned. So he’re we go. I’m looking forward to hearing Benkt and Sten’s guitars” says Karin Wistrand - ”It feels incredibly to have our local rock heroes choosing to have their reunion during Live at Heart. And of course it’s especially exciting that both us and Lolita Pop are celebrating big anniversaries this year” says Magnus Tunmats, festival coordinator at Live at Heart.

2019-05-24 12:57

Live at Heart Short Film Competition

We are proud to present this year’s nominees for Live at Hearts film competitions! 🎬😍 National Competition: Follow, Bloody Mary, How it feels to be hungover, Substitute, Coffee or Tea? International Competition: She-Pack, Excuse me I’m Looking for the Ping-Pong Room and my Girlfriend, Short Wave, How to be alone, Your Last Day on Earth National Short Documentary Competition: Across the Andes, l Love You More Than my Soul, Motion Against Headscarves, Blame Yourself if no One Comes Read more at:

2019-06-03 14:24

Live at Heart Filmpitch Competiton

Date: 6 september Time: 13:00 Live at Heart film pitch is back and welcomes submissions from all of Sweden! Three selected projects will have the chance to win prices worth 10 000 kronor. Pitches will be held in Swedish in front of our prestigious jury. Every project gets 7 minutes to pitch and 8 minutes of feedback and questions from the jury. The projects can be short films, feature films as well as tv-pilots and web series. The winner will be announced 7 september at the Live at Heart Film prize ceremony. Deadline for submissions is 9 August. Send submissions to:

2019-06-03 15:17

Live at Heart gets on tour to Västerås

This year, Live at Heart is arranged for the tenth year in a row in Örebro. The music and film festival, which is basically a showcase festival, is an appreciated event in Örebro and attracts thousands of visitors every year, as well as Swedish and international artists and music and film industry to a folk party that lasts for four days. Live at Heart is going to tour this year under the concept "Live at Heart on tour". The festival visits Västerås on the 31st of August and is arranged in collaboration with Live at Heart by Musikevent. The festival visitors can look forward to 8-9 venues and upwards of 100 acts giving the people of Västerås the opportunity to experience Live at Heart magic for a day. Behind the arrangement is Mikael Gottberg from Musikevent. “I think everyone realizes that these things are needed to lift the live scene in Västerås. In total, eight-nine scenes are nailed and I hope to be able to give up to 100 acts during Saturday,” says Mikael Gottberg.

2019-06-04 08:25

Rebecka Törnqvist, Nina Kinert and Kristofer Åström are this year's diacerts on Live at Heart

The much-appreciated concept diacert returns for the third consecutive year to Live at Hearts' 10th anniversary. A diacert is a combination of dialogue and concert, where an artist in a scaled-down format plays songs and in a conversation talks about life and the music. The idea has been developed by Live at Hearts partner Studieförbundet Bilda and was introduced at the festival for the first time in 2017 and is led, as in previous years, by Magnus Sundell, program producer at Studieförbundet Bilda och journalist. “Music is something very big and important for many people. We at Bilda therefore want to take the music seriously and create new spaces for meetings between artist and audience” says Sara Thorstensson, Development Manager for Culture at Studieförbundet Bilda. "In a diacert, the music is put in a context and the audience gets to meet the artist in a slightly closer and more personal way than in a pure concert. We are therefore pleased to be able to present meetings with three top artists in Live at Hearts' diacert this year” During this year's diacert, the audience will meet and listen to three different artists; Rebecka Törnqvist is one of Sweden's most well-known singers and with songs like "Good thing" always has a place in the music lovers' consciousness. She moves freely between jazz and pop music and has released a dozen albums since 1993. In the fall of 2017, the album "Home secretary" was released and was hailed as an as magnificent comeback. The album is a collaboration with longtime musical companion and producer Johan Lindström - who participates as a musician in the diacert. With her god-like voice and her innovative pop music, Nina Kinert has captivated both young pop fans and middle-aged vinyl collectors since the record debut in 2004. She has been moving between singer-songwriter, pop and more electronically colored music. She has toured with artists such as Ane Brun and Anna Ternheim. In 2018 she released her sixth album, beautiful "Romantic". With her to the diacert she has the multi-instrumentalist Linnea Olsson, best known as a cellist. Kristofer Åström started his career in the popular and in many ways pioneering rock band Fireside and has since then had a well over 20-year successful career as a solo artist and singer-songwriter as well as with accompaniment bands like Hidden Truck and The Rainaways. He has now released a dozen albums and some mini albums / EP's. 2018, four of his EP's were released as the double vinyl "Quadrilogy".

2019-06-07 07:11

24h Hackathon på Creative House

För första gången arrangerar vi i år ett hackathon i samband med Live at Heart Creative. Under 24 timmar får ni som team lösa en programmeringsuppgift tillsammans. Vinnaren kommer presenterar i samband med live at Heart Creative på Konserhuset den 5 september. Det kommer finnas olika fördefinierade uppgifter att välja mellan. Dessa kommer mailas ut i förväg. Du kan anmäla dig enskilt eller ange om du tillhör ett team (fylls i när du köper biljett). Varje team ska vara 4-5 personer. Syftet med vårt hackathon är att utvecklas som programmerare, träffa andra skillade personer och att ha kul tillsammans! Plats: Creative House, Älvtomtagatan 12. Tid: tisdag 3 september kl 14.00 till 4 september kl 15.00. I priset ingår kvällspizza och lunchsallad. Det kostar 500kr + moms per person att vara med. Biljetter köper du här:

2019-06-12 21:40

International music industry to Live at Heart Conference

Today the showcase festival Live at Heart presents the first speakers to this year's conference program. In addition to hundreds of gigs and film screenings during the evening, the festival offers a wide seminar program during the daytime, where Swedish and international music and film industry participates in seminars, panels and workshops. “Live at Heart is today an important venue for Swedish artists and companies who want to export their music internationally. Through INES * we work with 17 European festivals and a total of representatives from almost 40 festivals will visit Live at Heart this year,” says Peter Åstedt, senior advisor at Live at Heart. Bill Willson (USA) is something of a legend for the American indoor music scene. He has started festivals, conferences and record companies. Right now, he is working on a service for artists named Indie Ninja and a month ago he became Senior Vice President of Operations and Innovations at Entertainment One, one of North America's largest media companies. David Silbaugh (USA) is best known as a booker for Summerfest, the world's largest festival with a million visitors. Summerfest has worked out a concept for new promising artists that they call "Emergin artist series" - where new promising artists get the same PR as the big headliners. At this year's Summerfest there are no fewer than eight artists who were booked from previous Live at Heart festivals. David will talk about Summerfest and how they book their artists. Allison Shaw (USA) has a solid CV in the music industry, including creating festivals entirely powered by solar panels. Allison also runs the company Manic Monkee who works with strategy and experimental marketing and is a booker for several festivals. Ruud Berends (NL) works for Eurosonic, one of Europes most important showcase festival for live music, which is held every year in Groningen in the Netherlands. He also works at several organizations that improve the conditions for live music in Europe and consult the Dutch export office West Way Lab. Ruud comes to Live at Heart to talk about how the future looks for Europe's music festivals. In order to gain access to the conference, you must purchase a special industry accreditation. * INNOVATION NETWORK OF EUROPEAN SHOWCASES, or INES, is a European collaborative project launched by eight international showcase festivals and gigmit, a European digital platform for artist bookings.

2019-06-13 07:33

Power of angels - Ruth Brännvall

En av årets programpunkter på Live at Heart Creative är "Power of Angels" där Ruth Brännvall kommer ge inspiration kring nyttan med lokala och nationella ängelnätverk. Ruth Brännvall är grundare av Impact Invest, en organisation som bildades för investerare intresserade av att finansiera samhällsentreprenörer. Impact Invest driver ett investerarnätverk och flera unika entreprenörsprogram. Ruth har doktorerat på KTH inom ämnena social innovation och entreprenörskap, och är själv affärsängel med bakgrund inom media och telekom. Hon ger sig utan skämmas på att spela många instrument, utöva sporter, laga mat och pratar obehindrat många språk riktigt dåligt. Exakt vilka färdigheter som det kommer bjudas på från scenen får ni se den 5:e.... men vi vet att vi kommer bli inspirerade!

2019-06-18 12:43

Live at Heart celebrates Midsummer with great artist release

Midsummer is upon us and Live at Heart celebrates by releasing 60 acts to the tenth anniversary of the festival. Artists from over 20 different countries are represented in today's release and among the acts are both newcomers and old Live at Heart favorites. Russian Sado Opera (who lives in Berlin) offers a live show with burlesque characters and extravagant, pan-sexual and upgraded band members. Their performances have previously been recognized by Conan O’Brien Eric Plamqwist's new album has been hailed in Swedish pop-press throughout the spring. Gaffa wrote about Eric that he is "Gotland's pride and the contemporary pop's uncharted king". Dimpker Brothers is something that Live at the Heart audience recognizes. To the tenth anniversary, the brothers come back with their folk / blues. After the last time at Live at Herat, they have managed to record an album in the USA and toured around in both Europe and North America. Rachel Cousins is from Newfoundland in Canada and performed at Live at Heart's sister festival there last year. This is a singer / songwriter with a great presence. Another band that took their first steps on Live at Heart was Royal Prospect. After their first Live at Heart gig, they were signed to their current record label. The band has also been booked to the US, Canada and Ireland. This week they go to the Golden Melody Festival in Taiwan and then immediately after the band plays on the world's largest festival Summerfest with over a million visitors. Fede Cabral became Örebroarna overjoyed last year. He comes to Live at Heart all the way from Argentina for the second consecutive year. Live that Heart gave him so much inspiration that he is now up-to-date as a producer for a record in Dalarna for a Swedish artist. Pompeya is an award-winning Russian indie pop band that is currently taking big steps forward on Europe's eastern side. Fullständigt släpp: Jeremy McComb (USA) Northlight (SWE) SADO OPERA (GER) Ivory Tusk (SPA) Billy Kym (FIN) Josh Wantie (UK) Tall Poppies (UK) Phil Power (CAN) Adam Wendler (GER) LULA (SWE) Pompeya (RUS) Danny Mcmahon (UK) Brunettes shoot Blondes (UKR) Peter Anderson (USA) Eric Palmqwist (SWE) Lightcraft (IDN) Daniel Levi (EST) Damien McFly (ITA) Ivan & The Parazol (HUN) Lucas Laufen (AUS) Audra Santa (CAN) Lone Deer Laredo (FIN) Sasha Sathya (ARG) Francis Tuan (POL) Melissa Otero (USA) Rikke Normann (NOR) Manu Vera Tudela (PER) Masha Ray (GER) Ebba Bergkvist (SWE) Punsch (SWE) Edyta Górecka (POL) Mów (POL) Kraków Street Band (POL) Marta Zalewska (POL) Verkligheten (SWE) Linda Berving (SWE) Sofia Vivere (SWE) Cellar Cat (LVA) Fede Cabral (ARG) Rozzie Rosbourne (CAN) Dimpker Brothers (SWE) Boggie (HUN) Elle Exxe (UK) Drew Young Band (USA) Royal Prospect (SWE) Skidderpup (CAN) Hanna Turi (SWE) Agnes Rehn (SWE) April Henry (USA) Tara C Taylor (GER) Rachel Cousis (CAN) Emma Mcgann (UK) Jon Dolman (UK) JonZ (ISR) I Am Karate (SWE) Mary Read (SWE) The Royal Flash (SPA) Don Graham (CAN)

2019-06-20 22:57

Startupbolag Live at Heart Creative

Nu börjar det studsa in intressanta startup-bolag till den 5 September. Det finns fortfarande platser kvar. Är du intresserad av att ställa ut? Det kostar 2495:- plus moms per bolag och då får 2 representanter för bolaget vara med. Maila till: om det finns intresse. Några av bolagen som kommer ställa ut är: Splitgrid AB, Youcal, Youcap, B-engaged, Beescanning, iBinder AB, Qfog i Nora AB, Doctech Systems AB, Notyfile m.fl.

2019-06-25 09:44

Lily Arbor is awarded with The Live at Heart Songwriting Scholarship

Every year the Live at Heart festival acknowledges one band och artist that have shown great musical quality even in the early stages of their career. Among earlier recipients you will find Good Harvest, Dimpker Brothers, The Magnettes and Viktor Olsson. This year’s songwriting scholarship will be awarded to the duo Lily Arbor from Falkenberg, Sweden. The band is now active in Gothenburg and debuted their EP Longing for the Sun this spring. Lily Arbor describe their own music as lyric based americana/folk music with elements of pop. The jury’s motivation: ”With magical chemistry and crystal clear singing, Lily Arbor invites you to a music experience without facades that feels both genuine and vulnerable. To their tunes, the contemporary gray curtain suddenly opens to reveal that our hopes and dreams are within an arm’s reach. Felicia Darhult Störby and Lovisa Nilsson have with skillfully composed songs and accurate lyrics proven that they are a musical act to count on.” ”Last year at Live at Heart we saw Ane Brun’s intimate concert and we were completely blown away. It’s easy to have high expectations of yourself in this industry, and to get this acknowledgement for everything we’ve worked on this past year is both wonderful and honorable. We are extremely grateful” says Lovisa Nilsson and Felicia Darhult Störby. Lily Arbor will be performing at Live at Heart and will receive the songwriting scholarship during the festival’s opening gala on 4 September. Photo by: Kajsa Bjäräng

2019-07-02 21:23

Music magazine GAFFA organizes stage at Live at Heart

One of Sweden's largest music magazines, GAFFA, will start a collaboration with Live at Heart this year and will present its own venue during the festival. In total, eight acts will appear and there will be a mix of different genres. “That GAFFA will be part of Live at Heart feels incredibly fun! In the past year, we have worked a great deal on getting closer to our readers, as well as artists who haven't have get their big break yet. I think Live at Heart is one of the best forum to take us longer to previously mentioned goals and we hope for a long-term partnership and that we will have a closer relationship to Örebro at large" says Emil Agrell, a media consultant at GAFFA .” says Emil Agrell, media consultant at GAFFA . Acts on GAFFA-stage Byråkrat Bongo Club Glenn Udéhn Tribe Friday INTERNET FRIENDS Pigman SLEEPOVER Gula Gången

2019-07-16 21:39

Last big artist release from Live at Heart

With one month left for the festival, Live at Heart is making its last big release of artists this year. Although some surprises remain, this year's lineup is almost complete. We are very proud to release the hyped Italian band JoyCut. The music can be described as cinematic and instrumental and with two percussionists on stage they create an incredible atmosphere. They have made a world tour of 300 dates and have been ranked high on many showcases. They were personally invited by Roberth Smith from The Cure to play at the Meltdown festival in London. They also shared the stage with The Cure at INmusic in Croatia. Live at Heart is their first performance in Sweden. The artist ShaoDow is known for his wild live shows that include everything from rap to kung-fu. He also has his own comic book about himself. ECKOES from the UK is acclaimed for her electronic music. She played two major sets at England's biggest festival Glastonbury this summer. Viktor Olsson has been acclaimed in many Swedish magazines for his latest album and will be returning to Live at Heart after a popular concert last year. For the tenth anniversary of the festival, we have managed to book the local heroes in David Södergren's Hot Five (DSH5) to play again for the Örebro audience. The festival also presents a new concept "Cashbox Caravan" where four singer / songwriters share a stage. This year it is Don Graham, Barry Stagg, Marschall Potts and Peter Andersson who will perform the music. Live at Heart takes place in Örebro between 4-7 September and tickets can be purchased at All acts in this release: JoyCut ShaoDow - Ines Rikas - Ines Leni Kravac - Ines Mister Roland - Ines ECKOES - Ines Amparito - Ines April Henry Beverly Kills - Excite Tamzene - Excite The Bowdashes - Excite Like Elephants - Ines Don Graham Roseph Lovisa Krantz BRTHR Our Man In The Field Mohlavyr Ludwig Hart Miss Sister Jonathan Fröberg Emilia Merino Mary Mi Caroline Wickberg Årets Ninja Viktor Olsson The Answer Stay DSH5 Det är Kärlek

2019-08-06 11:12

Cat video festival and locally produced feature film in Live at Hearts film program

The Live at Hearts film section continues to grow and will offer short films, feature films, competitions and a horror movie night during the festival week. Among the feature films include the film "Lantisar" which was filmed in Askersund and produced by Backa Studios. The outdoor cinema returns with two major Academy Award-winning productions: Friday, September 6 at 8 pm, “A star is born” and Saturday, September 7 at 8 pm “Bohemian Rhapsody”. “In addition, we have almost twice as many short films as last year. The different short film sections have different themes and should feel like an emotional roller coaster for the audience with both laughter, tears, horror and excitement, ”says Daniel Lundsten, head of Live at Hearts film section. "Festival visitors sometimes wonder if they can both watch film and go to the music, so this year there will be daytime screenings of the festival´s short film program at Bio Roxy between September 5-7, Daniel continues. New for this year is the mini festival "Cat Video Festival" on Thursday, September 5. The Mini Festival is a collaboration with the Vienna Short Film Festival and offers a fun moment with our most popular cat videos from the internet. The festival is presented together with Örebro Katthem. The festival also has three competition sections for the short films: the National Short Film Award, the International Short Film Award and the new category National Short Film Documentary Award. The awards ceremony will take place on September 7 at 7 pm at the Hjalmar Bergman Theater. The complete film program is available at Live at Heart takes place in Örebro between 4-7 September and tickets can be purchased via or for individual films / short film sections at Bio Roxy during the festival week.

2019-08-07 11:33

Live at Heart Laxå - Creativity, culture and enterprise for a sustainable community

By exploring and combining community assets as creativity, culture and enterprise together we can take mutual steps to develop and strength our place both economically and in spirit. The municipality of Laxå has made a strong commitment to work towards a social sustainable community. This means that culture and creativity has to be at heart. Last year entrepreneurial philosopher Bijoy Goswami, Austin, Texas held an inspiring lecture about life journey capital and the spirit of place in front of an exciting audience of business people, artists and politicians in Laxå. This journey is to be continued and Bijoy will join us again at Live at Heart Creative – Laxå on the 5 of September on our Enterprise Day. We’re also proud to present Bronner & Bronner who will guide us through the path towards an environmental and social sustainable community and how creativity can guide us along the way The municipality of Laxå is proud to invite trade and industry together with their creative and cultural colleagues to expand knowledge and networks during an exciting afternoon at Kunskapens Hus – The house of knowledge. This is also an open public invitation for everyone interested in creativity and enterprise. The Enterprise day also includes an after work session the same day at Live at Heart music at Stars Biljard where international acts will be on stage. This is also an open invitation to everyone to come and share and enjoy. Live at Heart music is a two day event so the Friday will also be filled with great live performances at Stars Biljard. The program for lecture and seminars will be updated with more details and the music acts are to be announced later on. Live at Heart Creative Thursday 5 September 14.00 - 17.00, Coffee and snack will be served during intermission. Notify allergies or food preferences at registration. Register latest 2 September to or Read about Bijoy Goswami Read about Bronner & Bronner

2019-08-08 09:51


Each year the Live at Heart festival pays tribute to an individual or group with the prize of Musikörat for an outstanding and unique contribution to the Swedish music culture. Earlier recipients of Musikörat are the #närmusikentystnat movement (2018), Malena Ernman and Alexander Goldmann (2017), Göran Samuelsson (2016) and Hilda Sandgren and Tomas Ledin (2015). This year the Musikörat will be awarded to the music journalist and author Fredrik Strage. The jury’s motivation: ”From the early 1990s he has worked in the service of music through his texts and podcasts. With knowledge and the right tone he paints stories around artists and their work which open doors to both the narrow and the broad. To us, he has proved that he really does have an ear for music. And now he will get another. The Live at Heart festival prize Musikörat 2019 will be awarded to the music journalist and author Fredrik Strage.” ”To be awarded Musikörat is deeply flattering. It is extra fun that the prize is awarded by a jury that keep track and not voted by the people. In addition, I have been close to wiping out my hearing at several concerts, such as when Bolt Thrower reached 130 decibels, so having an extra ear could be handy. As a recipient, I pledge to continue to fight for the live music in Sweden and continue to pay attention to artists that are being overlooked by the mainstream media." Musikörat will be awarded during the Live at Heart opening gala on September 4th. Copyright/fotograf: Pär Olsson

2019-08-12 09:55


Filmfoten has been awarded since 1998 in appreciation to creators in the art of film. This year the prize is awarded by the Live at Heart festival, Örebro Filmförening and Film i Örebro län. Earlier recipients are Anna Weitz (Förvaret 2018), Abbe Hassan, Ivicia Zubac and the production company Indian summer (Måste Gitt 2017), and Linus Andersson, Eleni Young and David Sandberg (Kung Fury 2016). This year, Filmfoten will be awarded to the production company Crazy Pictures. The jury’s motivation: ”With striking visual storytelling and humor, they repeatedly raise important social issues in their short films. They have inspired a younger generation of filmmakers to seize their creativity and passion, and have proven that a budget never has to stand in the way of success. This collective from Norrköping has, with their feature film debut Den blomstertid nu kommer, made the impossible possible and shook the Swedish film industry forever. The Live at Heart festival’s Filmfoten 2019 will be awarded to Crazy Pictures”. The prize will be awarded September 7th 19:00 at the Hjalmar Bergman theater.

2019-08-14 11:57

The Taiwanese band Flux comes to Live at Heart

Flux is a band that has now begun to get a bigger fanbase and their album "Pluralism" which was nominated for both the Golden Melody Awards and the Golden Indie Awards. Flux blends modern dance music with rock and is the perfect mix for partying. It is thanks to the collaboration with Golden Melody Awards that Live at Heart gets in tomorrow's stars from Asia. Last year, the rap group Yeemao joined Live at Heart. One part of Yeemao is Leo Wang who became the male artist of the year at the Golden Melody Awards 2019. A gala saw by millions of people across Asia. "They are stars coming to Örebro and playing at Live at Heart. It is a little like for a Swedish fan that Håkan Hellström was in New York. Flux was our first choice this year when we were in Taiwan and watched the selections at the Golden Melody Festival. Flux is just where the pop today mixes east and west ". Says Peter Åstedt who is her hand on international bookings. The collaboration also means that GMA will take out a western act that will play at the Golden Melody Festival in Taipei where they gather most of the key players for the Asian market. The festival is also just before the Golden Melody Awards and the artists who are selected may walk on the red carpet on the gala as VIP guests and mingle with the cream of the Asian music industry. Live at Heart gets visitors from a team from Taiwan to check out next year's artist who gets the chance to go. The artists that have visited GMA before is The Magnettes and Royal Prospect and with the results that their songs been covered in Asia. That they have standing invitations to play at several Asian festivals. Both bands are a special invitation to play on Live at Hearts 10th Anniversary.

2019-08-14 18:08


Enfo bjuder tillsammans med Live at Heart Creative in till Kidzhack! Låt ditt barn få utforska teknik på ett engagerande och spännande sätt. Använda sin fantasi och låta kreativiteten flöda. Vi tror att programmering är en viktig nyckel för barn att förstå sin omvärld. Om man inte förstår hur världen är uppbyggd, hur ska man då kunna vara med och förändra den? Tillsammans med barnen bygger vi spel i Construct3. Aktiviteten är bäst lämpad för barn i 8-12 års åldern men även äldre och yngre har roligt på Kidzhack. Vi bjuder på pizza! Klicka vidare på länken för att komma till anmälan.

2019-08-18 17:52

The Black Belt Songwriting camp at Live at Heart

The Black Belt Songwriting camp at Live@Heart has some really interesting advantages compared to traditional camps arranged by publishers and record companies. Not only does it occur right in the middle of the action at Scandinavias biggest show case festival (tickets included), it is also managed by a team with a special approach to supporting collaboration. The hosts are actively involved before, during and after the camp to make sure productions gets finished and really level up to get competitive. Part of the Black Belt Camp’s DNA is the global presence, fully implemented in the Online editions. The Live@Heart Camp will, as well, present a chance to get connected with songwriters, artists and producers from parts of the world outside the North America/Western Europe sphere. Vitalizing and energizing from the view of an artist/songwriter, interesting from a publishers view (new talents, new markets, new connection). Treat your songwriters/artists to a ticket, to boost creativity and carry them forward. You will see results! For more information:

2019-08-21 16:00

World Premiere at Live at Heart! Don't Let Me Fall Too Far with Rozalind MacPhail

We are thrilled to have Canadian award-winning international touring artist, Rozalind MacPhail returning to Live at Heart. She will be performing the World Premiere of her live music and film project, "Don't Let Me Fall Too Far" on Sept 6th. The project tells a timeless story of self-discovery experienced by a young woman navigating her way through a vulnerable period in her life. She’s haunted by strange visions guiding her to unfamiliar places as she explores an expansive city of industrial giants, natural wonders and aging Victorian neighbourhoods. MacPhail's electrifying live music score features vocals, looped effected flutes and electronics. This is not to be missed! Screening right before A Star is Born on Sept 6th at 19:30 at the Outdoor Cinema, Stortorget.

2019-08-22 11:03

United Stage gets their own venue at Live at Heart

One of Sweden's largest booking companies, United Stage, is launching a collaboration with Live at Heart this year and will present its own venue during the festival. A total of five acts from different genres are presented. "We have had our eyes on the festival for a long time. This year we felt that Live at Heart has taken a big step in its development and we decided to give our full support. We believe that in the long term it will be an excellent context for new artists to showcase - probably even for some established live acts. We are delighted to have a venue available during one of the days of this year's edition. " says Lars Rixon, agent at United Stage. Since debuting with the song "When I Held Ya" which has streamed over 21 million times, Moa Lignell not only has written and released two albums of her own, she has also written songs for other Swedish artists, the lastest one being ”Vi har varit här förut", which was written for Swedish artist Sonja Aldén. In the spring of 2018, she toured Sweden together with Janne Schaffer and the show "Janne Schaffer träffar Ted Gärdestad i Sol Vind & Vatten". Now Moa is making new music that she brings to Örebro and Live at Heart. Kitok possesses the ability, as easily as he lets genres meet, to seamlessly blend humor and seriousness into his music. A grateful talent for avoiding pretensions in heavy topics such as class, countryside, mental illness and ethnicity. ”Inland Empire” is also a fun record filled with playful lines and hilarity. Joy of life and melancholy side by side. ShitKid is a duo consisting of Åsa Söderqvist and Lina Molarin Ericson. They have in a short time become one of Sweden's most talked about bands and have been acclaimed by both international and national press. The sound can be described as a kind of skewed anti-pop. Home-recorded lo-fi written and produced by Åsa and Lina and characterized by influences from, among others, grunge and garage rock. In recent years, they have emerged as one of Scandinavia's most exciting, new, alternative and provocative live bands. They have toured around Scandinavia, Europe and the USA with gigs at festivals such as Roskilde, Way Out West, By:Larm, The Great Escape and the SXSW festival. In the spring of 2019, ShitKid released their second album Detention and will release their third album already in the fall. VERO is the definition of a modern band. Taken together by the nightlife, they went from mixing disco, to starting a band and entering the rock scene. Julia Boman, Amanda Eddestål and Clara Gyökeres have no drummer for the reason "an 808 is never late", instead the band only works with guitar, bass and synth, which has given rise to their international special sound. On the debut EP, VERO paves the way for a new vein in popular Swedish music. They are ruthless, innovative, bold - and show with integrity and humor why they are called Swedish pops Black sheep. The opening track Dry Kisses is an 80s romantic marriage between Tears for Fears and Jesus & The Mary Chain, The Cure-pop Don't Care / Die With You and Love Bark that can almost be described as a bad taste boogie performed by John Cooper Clarke while In Flames, it sounds as if New order and Patti Smith have dropped the set together on a rave. brenn. after the Danish Roskilde Festival and the Norwegian Øya Festival, they are in Sweden for the first time. brenn. is the Norwegian duo who prove that the rock can be fearless, free, colorful and also driven by unlikely musical references. The press in Norway is lyrical, Norwegian P3 nominated brenn. to the prestigious "Urørt of the Year" and wherever they play, the writers are competing for best superlatives. One of Norway's biggest newspapers, VG, wrote after the Øya festival in Oslo that "this is the future of rock". The full program is available at Live at Heart takes place in Örebro between 4-7 September and tickets can be purchased here

2019-08-23 11:52

Jubel gets their own venue at Live at Heart

One of Sweden's largest booking companies, Jubel, is launching a collaboration with Live at Heart this year and will present its own venue during the festival. A total of three acts from different genres are presented. “It feels natural to be part of Live at heart, which is the only remaining showcase festival in Sweden. It is important for us to support and be involved in influencing all live music initiatives. Live at heart is a good window and meeting place for the international industry. ”Says Martin Rosell, Head Of Artists, JUBEL Swedish Tiger Sound He describes himself as a vegan recovering-vinyl-junkie. The rest of us might know him as one third of legendary popband Teddybears. For many years, Patrik Arve has been constantly and creatively pushing borders and genres, both at home in Stockholm and across the globe. And now he is leveling up his solo thing, Swedish Tiger Sound. Arve describes Dancehall as his obsession and weakness. As a young punk in the 80s he visitied London, where he stumbled across the Notting Hill Carnival, and was blown away by Reggae and Dancehall for the first time. - For me, 90% of good music is all about the attitude. It's more important than your actual "skill". Hence my love for punk, hip-hop and reggae. - I'm constantly making new songs. I have a studio at home, but most of the time I'm just sat in my kitchen with a guitar and my computer, pressing random buttons. I'm no expert, I never plan songs in advance, I just let it run and see what happens. Lot's of songs turned out good but didn't fit with my other bands, so I decided to release them myself as Swedish Tiger Sound. - Swedish Tiger Sound is total freedom. I can vent the issues and passions I have personally, everything from veganism, social injustice or environmental issues. The world is facing multiple crises, and as Swedish Tiger I can highlight this personally. Arve is not completely alone though. Live, he brings along bassplayer Iron Jaguar, guitarist Anubis, SingJay Panther and rappers Toffer Toff and Miss Lynx. Sam Florian Blending lo-fi indie with mid-tempo electronic bedroom pop, Sam Florian creates and records his music in a small apartment in Karlstad, Sweden. Since the release of his debut single 'Days', in early 2018, his music has spread around the world and touched millions of listeners. The singles ‘Color Noir’, ‘Wastin’ My Time’, ‘In My Body’ and ‘Morning Lights’ was all picked up by playlist editors and music journalists all over the world – with adds to Spotify’s playlists "Fresh Finds", “Indie Chillout”, “New Music Friday” and “All New Indie” as highlights. His music has also been frequently listed on radio rotation in Sweden. With his debut album, Sam Florian will further manifest his solid talent and his unique role on the international pop scene of today and for many years to come. XNYMFO XNYMFO is wild. XNYMFO is fierce. XNYMFO is contagious. XNYMFO is Charly Paulin. There are artists who make music and there are artists who makes shows, but how many are there that hit you BAM in the face with a full fucking experience? Not many. The songs are contagious, THIS GIRL is contagious, her shows are contagious! And when you’re playing her songs again and again, and your friends are saying “oh my God, this is awesome, who is this???” You’ll smile because you know the secret – that won’t be a secret for long – is that she’s all that you’ve been waiting for. For real. So make sure you listen again and again – cause it’s all for real. XNYMFO. thank fuck she’s here.

2019-08-26 09:02

Live at Heart Film Award Ceremony - Winners

On the last evening of the festival Live at Heart Film held the Award Ceremony that gave out several awards. This years winners are: Live at Heart Film Pitch Competition: Gustav Littorin for his project HISSDRÖMMAR Live at Heart Rising (Student Award): BAKOM STÄNGDA DÖRRAR - Högskolan Dalarna Örebro Short Film Fest Grand Award: VIKARIE (SUBSTITUTE) by Adam Starsmark, Josefin Rapp, Daniel Sandberg. Filmfoten: CRAZY PICTURES Best International Short Film: EXCUSE ME IM LOOKING FOR THE PING-PONG ROOM AND MY GIRLFRIEND (Austria). Directed by Berrnard Wrengler. Jurys motivation: It explores the theme of loneliness in a humorous way, has wonderful cinematography and captures beautiful scenery. The main character’s pathetic personality is portrayed so well in the film. This is a great story of present moment experiences while travelling. Best National Short Documentary: I LOVE YOU MORE THAN MY SOUL. Directed by Anny-My Novotny Jurys motivation: This movie goes straight to the heart and soul. It needs to be experienced by audiences worldwide. In this film, we see pain, love, the heartbreaking consequences of war, the joyful play amongst kids and their true wisdom. We get a glimpse of a special community with a huge heart. Gorgeous cinematography and the score was so playful which was the perfect tone for this film Best National Short Film: FOLLOW. Directed by Simon Flack Jurys motivation: A human experience we have all found ourselves in at some point of our lives. The push and pull of this film keeps one on the edge of their seat. This is the type of film that remains in our thoughts for days to come. Intimate, vulnerable, real and raw. Honorary Awards: SHE-PACK (Norwary). Directed by Fanny Ovesen This honorary award is for the excellent acting in this film. It was natural, interactive and very realistic. HOW IT FEELS TO BE HUNGOVER (Sweden) Directed by Victor Hertz This script is hysterical. We challenge you not to laugh throughout this film. Fantastic acting by the main character. It was brilliant! We will never drink again. ACROSS THE ANDES (Sweden) Directed by Henrik Dahlbring We all felt so much from this film. It’s brave, raw and personal. We commend the director for covering a very important issue from his unique perspective with so much clarity and honesty. The courage and strength required to be so vulnerable and honest on camera about their own personal experiences needs to be honoured. Great animation and such beautiful moments captured. Thank you for sharing your experience with the world.

2019-09-10 12:27