Is located at the Elite Hotel in central Örebro. 


Elite Stora Hotellet Örebro 

Street: Drottninggatan 1, 702 10 Örebro


Opening hours: 



FRIDAY: 11 - 21

SATURDAY: 10 - 21


This is where you can buy tickets, pick up your festival wristband, your delegate badge and your artist badge. 




Conventum Club 700 

Street: Drottninggatan 42, 702 22 Örebro


Here can you buy festival and delegate passes for the the festival/conference: Tickets

Please note that you need to exchange your ticket for a wristband/delegatepass to get access to the festival prior to entering a venue. You exchange the tickets at the Festival Office at the Elite Hotel under opening hours.


Will I be able to see all the acts I want?

We cannot guarantee that you will see all acts you want because each venue has limited space. We recommend that you get to the venue where the band you want to see plays some time before they start to secure your place.


Can I buy a ticket to a specific venue?

Yes you can buy a venueticket at the door, By paying 150SEK via SWISH. This ticket give you access to that venue for that night.

How do I buy/get a ticket do a specific film at Bio Roxy?
With the festivalpass you will get at ticket by showing the pass at the counter. 

If you dont have a festivalpass you can buy tickets for individual screenings over the counter at Bio Roxy. 50kr for a feature fillm and 20kr for a short film section. It will also be available to buy a venue-ticket for the whole day/evening.

Where is the venues?

You can find the venues here: Venues

Where is the schedule?

You can find the schedule here, this is always updated: Schedule

Here you can also create your own private schedule for the festival. Remember that it´s saved on the specific device you use when you create it, so if you want it in your phone, create it in the phone.

Under each artist info there is also information about when the act is playing.

Age limit

It is up to each place to decide what age limit they have.